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University Rostock

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Aquaculture and Sea-ranching

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Tel: +49-381-498-3730 (sek. 3731)

Personal Data

Professor at University Rostock: 01.01.2011

Professor (apl.) at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf: 28.03.2007

Habilitation (habil.) at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf: 21.12.2000

Ph.D. at Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel: 17.07.1995

Professional Employment


University Rostock, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Aquaculture and Sea-ranching since 01.01.2011
Heisenberg-Fellowship (Awarded by the German Research Council/DFG)
  at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, GERMANY

- Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University Connecticut, USA

- The Natural History Museum London, ENGLAND



SS 2007

WS 2006/2007

Centre for Tropical Ecology (DAAD-Fellowship)           

  at the University Bremen, GERMANY  


Guest lecturer in Marine Science and Parasitology
(German Academic Exchange Service/DAAD)

  at the Bogor Agricultural University, Bogor, INDONESIA



Habilitation-Fellowship (German Research Council/DFG)          

  at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, GERMANY



Head of the Marine Pathology Group (10 members)                         

  at the Institute for Marine Science at the University Kiel, GERMANY


Post Doctoral Fellowship (German Research Council/DFG)

  at the Institute for Marine Science at the University Kiel, GERMANY


Ph.D. Fellowship (German Research Council/DFG)                

  at the Institute for Marine Science at the University Kiel, GERMANY


Biological consultant                                                              

  Keywords: Environmental Impact, Benthic Ecology 

since 27.05.1992

Research Interests

a Ecology and evolution of marine fish parasites in the North Atlantic, Antarctica, Indian Ocean and the deep-sea (taxonomic groups: Trichodinid ciliates, anisakid nematodes and trypanorhynch cestodes)
b Fish parasites as biological indicators in the marine food web, fish migration and eutrophication
c Fish parasites and fish disease prevention in the Indonesian grouper mariculture
d Linkages between marine parasitology and other disciplines in marine sciences, such as fisheries biology and oceanography

Research Activities


Taxonomy and evolution of fish parasitic trypanorhynch cestodes (DFG 477/1049/96, PA 664/3-1, PA 664/3-2, EU-Parsyst 1999, EU-Colparasyst 2003) PA 664/4-1/4-2/6-1 and EU-Synthesys 2006 since 01.2006
Fish parasites as biological indicators for the Indonesian grouper mariculture (BMBF 03F0391(471)A-Science for the Protection of the Indonesian Coastal Ecosystems - SPICE, Subproject 2.2 under Strategies for the sustainable use of the living resources and mariculture in Segara Anakan Lagoon, C Java, Indonesia since 05.2004
Fish parasites as biological indicators in the riverine ecosystem Lippe in NRW, Germany since 06.2008
Deep-sea fish parasites from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Kl 2087/1-1) since 09.2006
Life cycle biology of Antarctic fish parasites (SP 395/3-1 to 3-3)
Taxonomy and ecology of trichodinid ciliates from the western Baltic Sea (RO 380/7-1)
Fish parasites from the Great Meteor-Bank, central-east Atlantic (SCH 207/13-1)


Publications and Journals (for private/research only !!!!!)


a Dewi K., Palm H.W. (in prep.). Two New Species of Philometrinae Baylis et Daubney, 1926 (Nematoda: Philometridae) in Epinephelus coioides (Hamilton, 1822) from the South Bali Sea, Indonesia.

  d Kleinertz S., Damriyasa I.M., Hagen W., Suratma A., Palm H.W. (in prep.). Metazoan parasite fauna of E. areolatus (Forsskal, 1775) from Indonesian coastal waters.


79 2012

Emde S., Rueckert S., Palm H.W., Klimpel S. (2012).Invasive Ponto-Caspian amphipods and fish increase the distribution range of the acanthocephalan Pomphorhynchus tereticollis in the river Rhine. PLoS ONE 7: e53218. PDF


Haseli M., Malek M., Palm H.W., Ivanov V.A. (2012). Two new species of Echinobothrium van Beneden, 1849 (Cestoda: Diphyllidea) from the Persian Gulf. Systematic Parasitology 82: 201-209. PDF


Kleinertz S., Klimpel S., Palm H.W. (2012). Parasite communities and feeding ecology of the European sprat (Sprattus sprattus L.) over its range of distribution. Parasitology Research 110: 1147-1157. PDF
76 Madduppa H.H., Ferse S.C.A., Aktani U., Palm H.W. (2012). Seasonal trends and fish-habitat associations around Pari Island, Indonesia: setting a baseline for environmental monitoring.Environmental Biology of Fish 95: 383-398. PDF

75 2011

Palm H.W. (2011). Fish parasites as biological indicators in a changing world: Can we monitor environmental impact and climate change? (Chapter 12) In: Progress in Parasitology, Parasitology Research Monographs, H. Mehlhorn (ed.), Springer Verlag. DOI: 10.1007/ 978-3-642-21396-0_12 (Review article) PDF
74 Palm H.W.,Kleinertz S., Rückert S. (2011).Parasite diversity as an indicator of environmental change? An example from tropical grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus) mariculture in Indonesia. Parasitology 138: 1793-1803. PDF
73 Haseli H., Malek M., Valinasab T., Palm H.W. (2011). Trypanorhynch cestodes of teleost fish from the Persian Gulf, Iran. Helminthologia DOI:10.1017/S0022149X10000519 PDF

Klimpel S., Palm H.W. (2011). Anisakid nematode (Ascaridoidea) life cycles and distribution: Increasing zoonotic potential in the time of climate change? (Chapter 11) In: Progress in Parasitology, Parasitology Research Monographs, H. Mehlhorn (ed.), Springer Verlag. DOI: 10.1007/ 978-3-642-21396-0_11 (Review article) PDF


Klimpel S., Busch M.W., Karl H., Palm H.W. (2011). Deep water life cycle of Anisakis paggiae (Nematoda: Anisakidae) in the Irminger Sea indicates kogiid whale distribution in north Atlantic waters. Polar Biology 34:899–906. PDF


Verweyen L.,Klimpel K., Palm H.W. (2011) Molecular phylogeny of the Acanthocephala (Class Palaeacanthocephala), with a paraphyletic assemblage of the orders Polymorphida and Echinorhynchida. PLoS ONE 6(12): e28285. PDF

69 2010 Palm H.W. 2010. Nataliella marcelli gen n., sp. n. (fam. Rhinoptericolidae) from Hawaii. Systematic Parasitology 75: 105-115. PDF
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65 Olson P.D., Caira J.N., Jensen K., Overstreet R.M., Palm H.W., Beveridge I. 2010. Evolution of the trypanorhynch tapeworms: Parasite phylogeny supports independent lineages of sharks and rays. International Journal for Parasitology 40: 223-242.
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Kellermanns E., Klimpel S., Palm H.W. 2009. Parasite fauna of the Mediterranean grenadier Coryphaenoides mediterraneus (Giglioli, 1893) from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR). Acta Parasitologica 54: 158-164. PDF
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56 2008
Palm H.W. 2008. Surface ultrastructure of the elasmobranchia parasitizing Grillotiella exilis (Linton, 1909) and Pseudonybelinia odontacantha Dollfus, 1966 (Cestoda, Trypanorhyncha). Zoomorphology 127: 249-258. PDF
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47 2007

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39 2006
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36 2005

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32 2003

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25 2001

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24 2000

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13 199813

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6 1994

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4 1993

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Report, Theses, Posters, Books


Klimpel S., Busch M.W., Kellermanns E., Kleinertz S., Palm H.W. 2004. Metazoan deep-sea fish parasites. Verlag Natur und Wissenschaft, Solingen, 383 pp. How to order
Palm H.W. 2004. The Trypanorhyncha Diesing, 1863. PKSPL-IPB Press, Bogor, x + 710 pp. How to order


Klimpel S., Seehagen A., Palm H.W., Rosenthal H. 2001 Deep-water metazoan fish parasites of the world. Logos Verlag, Berlin, 315 pp. How to order


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Palm H.W. 1995 Untersuchungen zur Systematik von Rüsselbandwürmern (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) aus atlantischen Fischen. Berichte aus dem Institut für Meereskunde an der Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel 275: 238 pp.

Membership of Scientific Committees and Organizations

- Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft

- Deutsche Gesellschaft für Parasitologie

- European Association of Fish Pathologists


Membership of Scientific Planning Groups

- ICES = International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (Working group on Pathology and Diseases of Marine Organisms, 1995-1999)

- BMBF-Initiative for the further development of the German-Indonesian cooperation in Marine Sciences

Student Education

- Introduction to Aquaculture

- Disease and Parasites of Marine Fishes

- Scientific Writing and Communicating

- Marine Science Special Training Course (2001-2006)




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